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Institutional Investors

Unparalleled Experience
For Maximum Efficiency

Our seasoned transaction team has acquired numerous businesses from institutional investors like Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, as well as family offices and other institutional structures. We respect your time, and will work through diligence in an organized in structured manner, ensuring we stick to schedule.

Arrow Icon-1 Speed and Confidence

Constellation Software regularly completes +100 acquisitions per year. Complete your exit in a timely manner with a counterparty you can count on to deliver.


Arrow Icon-1 Global Presence

Constellation software is a global business. We can leverage our existing corporate infrastructure to complete transactions swiftly, even in obscure geographies.

Arrow Icon-1 Everything in House

All aspects of diligence, including HR, Legal, Tax, R&D/IT, and Commercial/market, is completed in house for maximum efficiency.


Arrow Icon-1 Committed Capital

We very rarely use 3rd party financing on our transactions. Constellation Software has hundreds of millions of dollars in capital sitting on the balance sheet waiting to be deployed on acquisitions.

What to Expect


Connect with Our Team

Fill out the form to get in touch with someone on our team. We will engage in a discussion about Carina, and provide more details on the acquisitions process and our criteria.


Sign an NDA

We take the sensitivity of your information very seriously. Each conversation will primarily involve one of our senior operators and a couple of members of our corporate development and M&A team.


Discuss the Best Path Forward

We don’t micromanage. Our goal is to provide management with capital and training while leaving them with real autonomy and decision-making. Understanding what works for you is our top priority.


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Stay equipped with the resources, capital allocation and coaching you need to reach your true growth and earnings potential. Reach out to us and start a conversation or explore our industry news and insights.