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What’s it like to be a part of the Carina family of vertical market software companies? Explore the other businesses in our portfolio and see how we can amplify your brand.


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Information Management Software for Projects & Asset Operations

Ascertra software ensures teams are aligned and use reliable information and documents to design, construct, and operate complex assets. Learn More

noun-location Oslo, Norway, Houston TX, USA, Aberdeen, UK


Pressure Vessel Welding and Design Compliance Software

Document your design and fabrication compliance from start to finish using CEI Software. Learn More

noun-location Kansas City, MO, USA


Oil & Gas Emissions Compliance Management & ESG Reporting

Envirosoft - Is the trusted solution for Oil & Gas emissions management & compliance. Learn More

noun-location Calgary, Canada


Interactive Petrophysical Well Data Interpretation & Correlations Software

noun-location Aberdeen, United Kingdom


Geophysical, Petrophysical Interpretation & Modeling Software

GeoSoftware - a portfolio of reservoir characterization and petrophysical interpretation software solutions. Learn More

noun-location Houston, TX, USA


Oil & Gas Subsurface Data Management Software

Information management software solutions and consultancy services optimize information that supports exploration and production in the oil and gas industry. Learn More

noun-location Lewes, United Kingdom


Oil & Gas Inspection Management Software

Navarik provides trading data management software supporting global commodity movements among Oil & Gas companies, trading houses and important vendors. Learn More

noun-location North Vancouver, Canada


Oil & Gas Emissions Compliance Management & ESG Reporting

NEMS - environmental reporting software and management systems for offshore oil and gas operations. Learn More

noun-location Stavanger, Norway


Oil & Gas Reserve Management Software

Omnira Software specializes in software solutions in the oil and gas industry to help explorations and productions (E&P) companies make better capital investment and operations decisions.  Learn More

noun-location Calgary, Canada


Oil & Gas Geoscience & Mapping Software

Petrosys software provides solutions for exploring, modeling, and editing data, with unique connectivity to specialist geoscience and geographic information systems. Learn More

noun-location Houston, Texas


Advanced Design Software for Pressure Vessel & Process Piping Systems

Paulin Research Group (“PRG”) provides FEA software products and consulting services to the pressure vessel and piping industries. Learn More

noun-location Houston, USA

Propeople png

On and Offshore Scheduling Software - Oil & Gas

ProPeople’s software products reduce the risk of complex staff scheduling for both onshore and offshore operations based on competence, skills, and availability. Learn More

noun-location Stavanger, Norway


Onshore & Offshore Marine Personnel & Operations 

SeaRoc - Compliance & safety management software for construction & asset operations renewable power, building & environmental sectors. Learn More

noun-location  Chichester, United Kingdom
LinkedIn icon 2 Dominic Stratton|Company


Visual Analytics Software for Oil & Gas

Verdazo integrates any data source and provides advanced analytics capabilities
that enable diagnostic, multivariate, and predictive analyses. Learn More

noun-location Calgary, Canada

lockup - full color

Forest Management & Lumber Software

ConiferSoft - fit-for-purpose ERP solutions that are specialized for the foresting industry. Learn More

noun-location Stockholm, Sweden


Oil Logistics, Accounting & Shipping Management

Maron provides oil accounting and shipping management solutions to the oil refining sectorLearn More

noun-location Swansea, UK

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